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Extreme Weather Affects Inventory & Distribution

Sep 15, 2020 5:57:00 PM / by FreshByte Software

When it comes to bad weather, most people think about the damage it can cause to homes and the personal lives of the people affected. But there's much more to an extreme weather event than that. Weather that causes chaos and disruption for individuals can cause the same types of problems for businesses and supply chains. That means that inventory and distribution issues can quickly start to appear, and the people and companies that need to get items to and from locations may start to see a breakdown of those items' ability to travel.

Inventory and Distribution Issues Due to Extreme Weather Events

It's no secret that adverse weather conditions can cause significant problems for supply and distribution of inventory in food service and other industries. When bad weather damages plantsImage of young pretty woman changing reality and other buildings, destroys crops, or causes problems with infrastructure and the ability of goods to travel freely, supply chain issues can quickly appear. If your company  doesn't have a handle on those issues right away or, better yet, doesn't anticipate them and plan accordingly, you could end up with shortages that could take some time to resolve. During that time, you'll be losing customers to the competitor down the street who planned for the problems and had them handled before they ever really appeared.

Extreme weather events can be anything from hurricanes and tornadoes to ice and snow, fires, lightning storms, torrential rain, or extreme heat. Any kind of weather extreme qualifies as a potential problem for the inventory and distribution areas of a company that hasn't prepared adequately or planned ahead. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done in order to reduce the chances of experiencing a problem. The more prepared your company is, the less likely it is that an extreme weather event will impact your inventory and distribution abilities -- especially for the longer term.

The Right Software Can Help Ease the Burden

When companies have purchasing features in their software programs, they may be able to pivot more quickly and start working toward getting inventory that their competitors aren't able to access. That can give them a competitive advantage, and help them provide what their customers are looking for. An extreme weather event may affect them, but it doesn't have to derail their entire business model or cause significant problems for their inventory levels or their ability to distribute their products. That's one of the reasons why companies that are serious about meeting the needs of their customers research their options and choose the ones that are going to give them what they're really looking for. 

Rapid and accurate control of inventory is a cornerstone of still being able to provide customers with what they need and want during significant weather events. If you're able to give customers what they're looking for, not only will they buy from you at that time but they'll be more likely to remember you for the future, as well. The right kind of purchasing software works toward giving you a "heads-up" when there may be problems on the horizon. You can't anticipate everything that's going to happen with the weather, but you can certainly know about quite a bit of it ahead of time.

When you know that severe or extreme weather is coming, or that it might be on the horizon between you and your suppliers or customers, you can anticipate how to work around it and focus on making sure you reduce the risks of inventory and distribution disruptions. Software can't solve all your company's concerns, but it can go a long way toward reducing problems and lowering risks. Because of that, you can have happier customers and get the jump on your competition when extreme weather events affect your industry, location, or type of business.

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